Going To Be Away Til February

I’ve decided to take the rest of the month of January off. Not that I won’t be writing, I just won’t share again until early February.

Cheers, Love, and Blessings to all.

Posting Break

I will be taking the rest of the week off, doesn’t mean I won’t be writing poetry at all, just that I won’t be posting any poems for the rest of the week. I have never liked pressure (even self imposed) to write, creativity (in it’s truest sense) can’t be forced.

I will keep a notepad or something nearby to jot ideas as they come, and share the results later.

I think the break from posting will be helpful to my process.

Dear all

Since I have had a very productive writing day, I will be taking another short break. To those brand new to following/reading this blog, welcome. To those who have been with me a little while here,grazie (thanks) again, truly. 

I will return after I’ve recharged a bit. In the meantime, if you’ve missed anything, feel free to catch up, and enjoy! 


Taking A Short Break

I have been sharing here pretty regularly lately, so I’ve decided to take a couple days off just to avoid burn out. I will be keeping a notebook for fresh material as it comes to mind, and will post it here when I return.

Thanks again to all those who continue coming to and supporting this blog.  I’m taking the short break as much for you all as for me, in the sense that if I’m burned out I can’t bring you all my best.