Chariots Of War

In an ancient valley there lived a noble king

The people of his kingdom loved him so

of his goodness they would sing

One day there came men & mighty horses

& chariots of war,

That noble king did something

He’d never done before,

He girded up for battle,

a spear, armor & a sword

and he marched ahead of his army

to beat back the hordes of evil at his door,

In the heat of battle though,

the noble king he died

Gave his final breath

so that his people could survive

By:J.N.R Dutton

Make It Out Alive

Each time he stepped out

on the battle field

He couldn’t catch his breath,

Normally things didn’t rattle him

but those days he was scared to death,

He was prepared for any sacrifice

but he kept asking himself,

“Will my new bride be a widow tonight,

or will I make it out alive”?

He knew he wasn’t the only one

with such thoughts weighing on his mind,

Soldiers thinking about families

that they left behind

By: J.N.R Dutton