A Brief Note To You All

Dear readers,

I will be putting this particular blog on a temporary halt/suspension. I appreciate very much those who have read what I’ve shared since it’s inception.

Love sincerely,

J.N.R Dutton ♥️

Thank You All

Dear all, thank you for continuing to take time out of your day to grace this blog with your presence. Keeping it open & active is something I definitely don’t regret.

Unfortunately, with that said, I will be away from this blog for a very BRIEF period, due to circumstances and necessary obligations that can’t really be helped. No need for anyone to get worked up, I and my family are doing well overall.

I will be back around 1st of November at the latest.

One thing I have learned as a blogger, is not all connections who start out w/you will continue with you. Nonetheless, that doesn’t discourage me from blogging, I continue to immensely enjoy blogging, actually. Connections may come & go, but may my creative passion stay fueled forever. I do continue to appreciate the connections who are still w/me after all this time.

Short Note To My Readers

I owe you all an apology for my disappearing, I am sorry for it. I could have scheduled material to post (and normally I would have) but I had nothing new prepared even for that in the last few days. In my view, it’s better not to post at all than to force it.

Anyway, stepping away for a few days has been worthwhile, the upcoming blog material will be better off for it I can promise that.

This blog reached another milestone yesterday, it makes me so thrilled to see. To the readers still hanging here with me, thanks for everything.

The growth I’ve seen has been like a rocket, I know you all may not like EVERYTHING I post, but you know what, that’s okay, I still love you all anyway.

P.S. as a final note, don’t be afraid to comment on my posts.