Very Good Man

He’s pushing seventy now, but he’s still tough as nails Never lets anyone treat him like he’s any kind of frail & you can bet that if he sees something wrong He’ll call it out strong, in the words of his songs While many others were using music just to entertain & amuse, he’s alwaysContinue reading “Very Good Man”

Mental Health

When someone is clearly in cognitive/ mental health decline It does them no favors to turn a blind eye & pretend everything is fine  Even if you’re doing it just to be polite It’s still not alright By:J.N.R Dutton Some people are afraid to address mental health issues because they don’t want to be “offensive” butContinue reading “Mental Health”

Fathers Matter

Some people act like fathers are obsolete, Irrelevant to making a family and home complete, Frankly, it absolutely sickens me I can’t imagine what I’d have turned out to be If I didn’t have daddy to set an example for me There is no nobility in people who want to deprive children from having fathersContinue reading “Fathers Matter”