Priorities (Poem)

I don’t want to spend

my life struggling

Chasing the green

Money isn’t everything

There’s more important things

Like Love and beauty and family

One day we all go on to eternity

and as I’m sure everybody knows

you can’t take material things

with you when you go

©J.N.R Dutton,2020




Saving Grace

He’s thinking of suicide
As the needle hits his vein
Sometimes it seems life’s beauty
Is outweighed by the pain

But then he hears a sweet whisper
despite the haze that’s hit his brain
The voice says
“let me help you, child
You’re going to be ok”

©J.N.R Dutton,2019

I wrote this back in May 2019

One caring person who reaches out to someone hurting may save a life.


The Merry Go Round

One of my old poems

All his so called “jobs” have been for peanuts
Nothing quite working out like he planned
Now he’s back to the drawing board again
He tries to hide his frustration
But when everything feels like it’s in vain
It really feels like he’s stuck on a merry go round
or worse, the crazy train

©J.N.R Dutton,2019