Warmth (of Human Kindness)

One brutally cold evening, a man sought shelter from a storm, he stumbled to a cabin with a fire raging safe and warm

The owner was there to greet him, said “Son come on in, what were you doing out there in that bitter Winter wind?”

He said “I was out running errands and somehow I lost my way, thank you for letting me stay here, I think I’ll be okay”

The cabin owner smiled, said “it’s been a while anyway, since I’ve had visitors, so I’m glad for the company ” as he cooked a burger for the man, and they sat down to feast.

By: J.N.R Dutton


Author: J.N.R Dutton (aka The Poet)

Husband. Father. Writer/Independent Journalist/Poet. Artist,all around creative soul. I reside in Southern Idaho with my wife & son.

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