21st Century America (Republished)

If you live in 21st Century America, be honest, you’ve got it blessed

It’s one of the best places to call home, thanks to those of all colors & creeds who’ve given their lives, sacrificed for me & you…

Let’s give the country and their blood the honor it’s due, many in America these days who scream “I’m oppressed” are just petulant brats, without a clue

What I’m saying is not P.C, but it’s unapologetically stone cold true

In fact, they could learn a thing or two,from people who have actually gone through

real oppression…

As for who exactly their teachers should be, I can think of a few from history:

like the Jews, who were slaughtered by the millions during WWII by the Nazis, or the American Natives who marched the Trail of Tears, or the slaves in colonial America who were captives for years

I think my point in this poem is pretty clear, to the whiners, I’ve got one last thing they need to hear, they can pack up & leave, if they despise it so much here

By: J.N.R Dutton

Published by J.N.R Dutton

Husband, father, artist, writer, musician, art promoter, among other things.

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