Challenges Are Good For You

There are concepts these days in common use, 

that I find utterly absurd,

or “for the birds” as I’ve often heard…

Things like “trigger warnings”

& “safe spaces”, these are just two

I know what they are SUPPOSED to do,

some people claim they help, but let me drop some truth

Difficult things are just part of life,none of us is immune

So instead of avoiding and hiding from such things,

let facing them strengthen you

By: J.N.R Dutton










Author: J.N.R Dutton (aka The Poet)

Husband. Father. Writer/Independent Journalist/Poet. Artist,all around creative soul. I reside in Southern Idaho with my wife & son.

One thought on “Challenges Are Good For You”

  1. Love it!

    I think there was a scientific study that said trigger warnings don’t actually help PTSD victims. And anyway, when you’re scared of something you do exposure therapy so you can handle living in the world with that trigger.

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