New Poem

He would work if he could, he’s really tried,

his body is broken and that daily grieves his mind

Ignorant people scream and shout,

shaming him for taking a hand out,

but what they call a hand out

He takes as a hand up,

A much needed lifeline

since things have been rough

something he can use

not just to survive

but to invest in his future, and

to build a better life

One day they may find out

What it’s like to need help too…

Before casting stones at the struggling

Walk a mile in their shoes,

Please, dear ones, remember…

it could easily be you

By: J.N.R Dutton








Author: J.N.R Dutton (aka The Poet)

Husband. Father. Writer/Independent Journalist/Poet. Artist,all around creative soul. I reside in Southern Idaho with my wife & son.

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